6  Profiles for England and Wales

Commonly referred to as Fingertips Public Health data can be found through the dashboard.

This is also available through APIs in R (not through CRAN):


6.0.1 R code to install

{remotes} is a package that is needed to install from GitHub so is commented out as it’s installed once:

# install.packages("remotes") 
                        build_vignettes = TRUE,
                        dependencies = "suggests")

Note that the example code in the README for this package is base R so may not looks and works different to {tidyverse} coding. Base R and {tidyverse} do work together though and some code may mix the two approaches to coding.

and Python:


6.1 Charts

6.1.1 R packages

  • {fingertipscharts} helps users to easily reproduce charts from Fingertips data.
  • {PHEindicatormethods} supports execution of statistical methods approved for use in the production of PHE indicators such as those presented via Fingertips.
  • {FunnelPlotR} - produces funnel plots with adjustments for over dispersion methods.

6.1.2 Examples of visualisations

Examples of visualisations that use Public Health data can be found at Trafford Data Lab with code open on GitHub.

6.1.3 Webinars/Workshops

An introduction to Public Health England’s packages, fingertipsR and fingertipscharts

Building R packages for your analytical pipeline - using fingertipsR, PHEindicatormethods, fingertipscharts and phecharts.

Using R to automate the generation of performance matrixes from Fingertips

PHINE Network meeting A worked example of how to use the phe_dsr() function from the {PHEindicatormethods} R package - A run through some of methods you can use to load data into Power BI - Loading using an API connection - NOMIS